Dental Insurance and the Hassle of Claims

Are you tired of filing your own dental insurance?

Whether you are looking into dental insurance plans offered through your employer or an individual dental insurance plan, things can get quite confusing. Not only are there different types of plans such as Premier, PPO, HMO and so on, but there are countless details to remember; waiting periods for dental work, frequency limitations for x-rays, deductibles, copays and much more. Once you have selected your plan and begin receiving services, some dental providers require that you file your claims. At Town & Country Dental, we want to be sure that our patients understand the types of available dental insurance plans as well as the process for filing claims. Here are some of the differences between commonly offered DPPO’s and DHMO’s:

DPPO Dental Preferred Provider Organization
• Coverage whether you visit an in-network or out-of-network dentist; however, costs are typically lower with an in-network provider.
• Annual deductible which varies by insurance company and by the plan.
• The annual maximum which varies by insurance company and by the plan.
• Premiums for a DPPO tend to be more expensive than a DHMO.

DHMO Dental Health Maintenance Organization
• Must select an in-network primary care dentist for covered services.
• Copayment at the time you receive covered services.
• No deductibles
• No annual maximums

Your decision regarding which plan to select should take into consideration the type of dental care your family will need, your financial situation and the available dental providers in your area.

Keep Us Updated If Your Insurance Changes!
If you have signed up for a new plan, switched insurance plans or received new information about your existing dental benefits, please contact us before your next appointment. Many patients assume that their insurance company will contact their dental provider, but this is not necessarily the case. It is the patient’s responsibility to provide updated information to avoid any unwanted surprises, uncovered procedures or unexpected out of pocket costs.

We Handle the Claim Submission
Many dental providers require full payment at the time of service, and the patient is responsible for filing claims with their insurance company and pursuing reimbursements. At Town & Country Dental, we understand that this process can be confusing, frustrating and time-consuming. To alleviate this stress, we submit dental insurance claims as a service to our patients. After your visit at Town & Country Dental, our experienced office staff will document the specific procedures performed and electronically submit necessary forms and reports to your insurance company as a dental claim. After filing, you will receive an invoice for any remaining charges or amounts not covered.

Our experienced office staff at Town & Country Dental can help you understand the details of your dental plan and will submit claims to your insurance company, saving you time, money and frustration! Schedule your appointment today.