• Treatment and Causes of Bruxism

    Causes and Treatment for Bruxism

    Do you clench or grind your teeth daily? Many people grind or clench their teeth on occasion without any ill effects. The medical term for teeth grinding is called bruxism, and when […]

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  • How Stress Affects Dental Health

    Maintaining your Dental Health Care is Important following a Disaster In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, many Houstonians’ lives have been completely upended. Countless families are dealing with lost possessions, […]

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  • Understanding Gum Disease

    Gaining a better understanding of gum disease is important and can save you from future dental expenses. Healthy, white teeth may be the stars of the show, but your gums […]

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  • Summer Dental Care

    Tips to Maintain your Dental Health Throughout the Summer Summer is officially here! For many families, this means kids home from school, visitors, vacations, and a different daily schedule. Don’t […]

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  • We’ve Moved!

    We’ve moved. Visit us at our new offices in Town & Country Shopping Center at the corner of Memorial Drive and Beltway 8. Our new location offers convenient parking. We […]

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  • Toothpaste Tip Sheet

    Your Complete Guide to Toothpaste A trip down the oral care aisle of the supermarket presents a dizzying array of toothpaste selections but do you know the differences between all […]

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  • The Tale of the Tooth Fairy

    Although many countries around the world have unique traditions to mark the loss of a child’s baby teeth, the tooth fairy is an American creation which is quite recent compared […]

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